High-speed cameras EVERCAM are high-tech devices for the recording of the high-speed processes in science, industry, sports and television. High-speed EVERCAM cameras are highly productive systems integrated into compact and lightweight casings, providing video recording at the speed of 1000 - 4000 frames per second and resolution of 1280 X 860 pixels and 1000 - 2800 fps  at 1920 X 1080 pixels resolution (EVERCAM F series). The recording time at 1280 X 800  resolution and maximum speed (4000 fps) is up to 31 s (built-in memory - 128 Gb). Control functions and video transferring is done through the Gigabit Ethernet interface. Due to the compact size (100х90х100 mm) and light weight (less than 1 kg), these cameras are versatile instruments with a wide range of applications, including laboratory researches, commercial tests, military production. The main advantages of these cameras are: high sensitivity of the sensor (up to 8000 ISO), perfect quality of the image, memory expansion up to 128 Gb.


• Automobile and other equipment crush-tests

• Material destruction

• Recording of fast chemical reactions and explosions

• Aerospace industry

• Exploration of explosive waves and turbulent processes

• Diagnostics of the assembly-lines 


I invite all friends to subscribe for YOUTUBE channel RUSSIAN SLOW MOTION - https://www.youtube.com/c/RussianSlowMotion_RSM - the Channel about the high speed processes which in usual life of people can't see! High-speed video made by the EVERCAM cameras. Young specialists of this company have developed technology of high-speed imaging and have created the equipment which isn't inferior on functionality to foreign analogs, and at the price is significantly lower!  

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