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PT Series HD High Performance Thermal Camera

Built For The Experts

Guide PT Series is the world’s first portable thermal camera with MP-level Infrared Resolution. Equipped with the self-developed 1280×1024 IR detector, this camera has the A/M-Focus manual and auto focusing system to provide much more crisp images. Advanced hardware, software and exceptional experience ensure it is the flagship in this industry.

PS Series High Performance Thermal Camera

Built For The Experts

The Guide PS Series high-performance thermal camera is designed to make the inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting work easier, faster and more accurate. It adopts a new generation of uncooled IR focal-plane detectors, which provides sharper thermal images and higher measurement accuracy. With its rotatable lens and screen structure, up to 13 million pixels visible light camera module, high precision rangefinder, and supplemented by some professional functions such as AI recognition naming, intelligent area measurement, flexible emissivity settings by areas, super-resolution reconstruction, strive to meet the needs of every thermography experts.

PF210 Series Pocket-sized Thermal Camera

Compact Size, Professional Grade

The PF Series pocket-sized thermal camera is a non-contact inspection tool for diagnosing problems and finding hidden deficiencies of electrical equipment, thanks to its 256 × 192 pixel infrared detector, -20°C to 550°C temperature range, 5 MP visible light camera and 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen. The extraordinary thermal imaging detail, easy operation and built-in Wi-Fi allow users to quickly and easily share the professional reports that document the problem.

PC210 Tool-like High Definition Thermal Camera

High Definition And Longer Operating Making Your Work Easier

PC210, Tool-like Handheld Thermal Camera, With excellent performance in image quality and charging battery life ,This Thermal Camera adopts 256x192 IR Detector and 200W pixel visible light . Adopts the New SharpIR composite image enhancement technology, it can provide you with detailed infrared thermal imaging and dual-light fusion images to help you find potential faults more quickly.

D Series

Intelligent operation Affordable price

D Series intelligent thermal camera is simple, compact and ergonomic.It equipped with 4-inch high-brightness touchscreen, Android operating system, user-friendly UI for easy operation. And every step has professional tips, so that the first user can become an expert quickly. With high IR resolution and various powerful functions, D series is the ideal thermal inspection tool for power inspection, equipment maintenance and building diagnostic applications.

P120V Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera

Compact Size, Professional Grade

Guide P120V Pocket-sized Thermal Camera designed for electrical equipment maintenance and building inspection, which can fast detect the potential problems, report repair data and share images by Wi-Fi. It is a truly handy thermal camera that fits in your pockets for fast and accurate thermal inspections anytime. P Series featured with 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen for simple operation, and support picture-in-picture, smooth zoom, max and min temperature alarm, Cloud Service and more.

T Series Entry-level Portable Thermal Camera

See the heat of 10,800 pixels in 1 second

T120 Entry-level Thermal Image Camera is an affordable temperature measuring tool widely used for building diagnostics, HVAC inspections, electrical system inspections and more. It perfectly overcomes the shortcomings of the single spot infrared thermometers and helps work smarter, safer and faster. Equipped with Guide’s selfdeveloped 120x90 WLP IR modules, T120 series thermal cameras can display radiometric data of 10,800 pixels instantly which helps quickly detect large areas and pinpoint fault spots accurately.



MobIR 2 Thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone

Transform your smartphone into a thermal camera.

MobIR 2 series is a new generation of infrared thermal imager for smartphone launched by Guide sensmart. Built-in the world's first autofocus WLP infrared module, with higher resolution and performance comparable to professional thermal imaging cameras. This product allows you to see things that you can't see with the naked eye , It can realize real-time temperature measurement, night vision, photography, video and other functions through the mobile phone APP. It is an all-round partner for your daily work, home life and adventure travel. 

MobIR Air Thermal Imaging Camera for Smartphone

Transform your smartphone into a thermal camera.

MobIR Air transforms the smartphone into a thermal camera. When connect it to a smartphone, the MobIR Air allows you to see the world which is invisible with your eyes. It can find and fix the HVAC issues quickly and accurately, detect building problems effectively and safely, test the electrical faults and it can be also used for patrol at night



NC200: Thermal Imaging Camera

NC200 is developed based on 256x192 wafer infrared module, which integrates an infrared thermal imager and a visible light camera. Small size, breaking through installation restrictions in narrow spaces, and flexible in deployment. Provide continuous temperature data collection, analysis and alarm for the uninterrupted state monitoring of key electromechanical equipment.

SFU SERIES: Integrated Online Thermal Camera Core

SFU series is a monocular thermography camera utilizing an uncooled VOx FPA detector. It is mainly applied to security monitoring and temperature measurement in small and medium sized areas with accurate temperature measurement and stable working performance. Even in the night or bad weather conditions, it can present a superb observation effect, ensure perimeter safety and realize the visual monitoring of temperature.

DS-P SERIES: Thermographic Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Speed Dome

DS-P series is mainly used in medium-range indoor and outdoor monitoring and temperature measurement application scenarios. The product uses vanadium oxide uncooled infrared detectors, which are not affected by the light environment, and can achieve 24-hour remote monitoring and high-precision temperature measurement. Built-in deep learning pyrotechnic recognition algorithm, with fire detection and alarm functions.

DS-L SERIES: Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum PTZ

DS-L series is designed for medium-range indoor and outdoor monitoring and temperature measurement. With self-developed uncooled vox microbolometer by Guide, the DS-L series features 24-hour monitoring, sharp images and highly accurate temperature measurement in harsh weather conditions. By adopting the worm gear design, the durable DS-L series provides precise positioning.

DS-M SERIES: Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum PTZ

DS-M series is designed for medium-range indoor and outdoor monitoring and temperature measurement. The DS-M series features 24- hour monitoring, sharp images and highly accurate temperature measurement in harsh weather conditions.

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